Accommodating the needs of designated students tver dating ru

Sickness absence of more than 1 day is entered into your student record as a legitimate reason for absence, repeated sickness absence of more than 1 day and absences of more than 7 days are referred to Student Support for investigation into potential supportive measures and interventions and so that follow up appointments with Student Support can be arranged if helpful.

Students who are unavoidably absent must ensure that they cover the material and clinical experience they have missed by accessing on-line materials and reading all handouts and course materials, and by using all opportunities possible during clinical attachments to obtain equivalent clinical experience.

Any leave requested during term time is therefore exceptional and requires approval in advance through the procedures set out for requesting Authorised Absence.

This includes requests for leave from students who wish to observe multiple religious festivals within a module or within a clinical attachment.

The total additional time spent in patient facing activities should be no less than six hours per week.

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