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private static final Uri s Artwork Uri = Uri.parse("content://media/external/audio/albumart"); Content Values values = new Content Values(); values.put("album_id", album Id); values.put("_data", Absolute Path()); Uri newuri = Content Resolver().insert(s Artwork Uri, values); if (newuri == null) @pskink I opened the album art table using an sqlite database viewer and found that the table doesn't have any column title _id. I wonder why the system is trying to access a non-existent column.

album art not updating android-45album art not updating android-18

It seems like the problem is device-specific but I'll leave the question open for some time, just in case anybody has a solution.

I am using Jaudiotagger 2.2.5 for an android music tagging app.

Consequently, advanced metadata may be missing if: In such cases,track properties are read by Android's media scanner and displayed in Media Monkey, but will be limited to the basic metadata described above.

Note also, that in such a case, if the track's tags are empty to begin with (e.g.

Artist, Album, Title, and Track#, and in some cases Album Art).

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