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Source: Oriental Daily Translated by: a Znangel @ Fong Admitted Already Married and Startled Stephy Tang In the past year, Alex Fong and Stephy Tang had been focused more on the Mainland market, it was said the couple plan to stay in Hong Kong more this year and it was also rumored they were already secretly married last year in Okinawa.

When they were asked about the secret marriage, both Alex and Stephy denied, but actually they had already been living like newly weds for a while.

She also denied having any pursuers, though stated that she has no certain conditions when it comes to love.

Perhaps she's seldom featured in publicity events and that's why Laurinda takes this opportunity to throw off some serious sex appeal in a body hugging race suit, complete with a white bra set that you may be able to see if you are not short-sighted.

Stephy is 26, I'm 30, right now it's a period to work hard on our career, hope to wait until we have more time to take care of kids then will get married, my goal is before 35."_____________________When you kiss someone for a minute, you both burn about 2.6 calories.

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