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Now she’s rounding out the year playing Meryl Streep's character's best friend, along with Mary Kay Place and Rita Wilson, in the sure-to-be-blockbuster romantic comedy, It’s Complicated. I’d get seated next to Alan Greenspan a lot for some reason at those dinners. ” So she concocted a dinner party that didn’t exist and called him up and said, “I understand you’re supposed to be set up with this good friend of mine,” and she started naming all these mutual friends of theirs that were going to be at the party but he was out of town and couldn’t make it. ” So I told him to meet me at the restaurant at Barneys because I knew I could still get my Kiehl’s body scrub if the lunch was a complete disaster. When Dominic and I were ending our relationship—he was moving back to London and we knew logistically it just wasn’t going to work—we took one last trip to Hawaii together.Except for her parents’ divorce when she was a year old, Wentworth has, in fact, led a rather charmed life. Not sure what would have happened if he’d said yes. Anyway, after that I called him myself and he said, “What about dinner? And the whole time Dominic was reading All Too Human by George Stephanopoulos.

Her mother, Mabel “Muffie” Cabot is a Washington and Boston society doyenne whose own mother, Janet Elliott Wulsin, became a pioneering explorer, leading expeditions to China, Tibet, and Outer Mongolia in the 1920s. I know with a lot of older women who haven’t had a drop to drink that I’ve often thought they were drunk. So all my pictures of Dominic on that trip are of him lying on the beach reading that book. I’d marry Oprah if anything ever happened to George.

Muffie Cabot served as Nancy Reagan’s social secretary, and Wentworth’s father was a reporter for The Washington Post. There are even pictures of him napping with the book opened across his face so that what you see is his body with George’s face in place of his. they try to bed you—doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Are you still going to be working with Oprah in 2010? Would you consider sending your girls to your alma mater, the tony Dana Hall School for Girls in Massachusetts? I would prefer them not to have eating disorders and treat each other like boyfriends. I really was like, I’m going to turn into Martina Navratilova if someone doesn’t get me out of here.

You can either support me and be part of the ride, or not support me and then we'll have a very estranged relationship." So when I put it like that, they said, "Well of course we're going to support you" and then I got [cast on] "In Living Color," which meant nothing to my mother.

It wasn't until I did a movie with Meryl Streep that [I was] solidified as an actress [in her eyes.]Wasn't it annoying to try to prove yourself as an actress to her? " [With my parents saying,] "I'm sorry, we fell asleep, we didn't know how to use the VCR." So it was like, "Okay, how about this?

I imagine you two running around New York together. I wish I was half of whatever you imagine because George works eight days a week.

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