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itemupdating event handler - Amarok not updating collection

One of that is a question like „How can I manage my IPOD in Amarok 2“ and similar questions with the same topic.

Since I am an IPOD user too (lemme say that I would never ever buy an apple device again ;-)) I noticed that most of these questions result from two things: There may be Issues which are not Amarok or libgpod related which I can’t discuss here.

Supported Devices [2010-01-07] A lot of various IPOD models are supported by libgpod, and so they are in Amarok.

As far as I know every IPOD which is using mass storage for its content will work fine, except from the buttonless „Shuffle“ variants in their 3rd and 4th generation.

To be displayed inside of amarok, every device needs to be recognised by Solid which currently doesn’t see the i Phone or IPOD touch.

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