Chance risky dating

Before that, however, you will find a description of Mars retrograde in the natal chart followed by the general meaning of Mars retrograde in transit.Overall, Mars retrograde 2016 indicates danger when taking risks, with Scorpio decan 3 and Sagittarius decan 1 needing to show the most caution.

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Mars retrograde in the natal chart suggests you find it difficult to express your sexuality, competitiveness or strength.

Perhaps you struggle with being direct, courageous, or showing initiative.

Fated events and repeating themes will reinforce which of your strong desires require more background work before being acted upon.

In the two months since Mars entered the retrograde zone, you will have dealt with some particular issues involving sexuality, standing up for yourself, or starting an important action.

Aspects to your Mars and any fixed star conjunctions will give more detail on how to handle Mars retrograde in your natal chart.

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