Dating and relationships podcast is chris evans and naomie harris dating

According to research, cohabitation actually has negative consequences on the longevity of the relationship.

In this episode, we share fascinating insights on the differences between people who are cohabitating and married, and also how to walk alongside those who are struggling in this area.

Today’s episode dives into a discussion about one of the leading marital researchers in the world – John Gottman.

I’m an emotional baggage declutterer, shady relationship buster, and self-esteem booster all rolled into one.

I’ve taken the experiences, observations and insights I’ve gained in over eleven years of blogging and honed a particular specialty for helping people understand and move beyond emotional unavailability, which presents itself by way of involvement with unavailable people, fear of intimacy and commitment, self-esteem issues, and unresolved issues from childhood.

On this episode, we talk about the psychology behind forming habits and what we can do to make lifestyle changes that last.

The Christmas holiday period can bring a lot of tension around the dinner table.

In this podcast, we explore three types of core compatibility and what they mean for our relationships. Listen to get practical insights on relationships, dating and marriage.

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