Dating customs in sweden

Over at Expats In Sweden, there’s a list of Customs, which I though was pretty helpful and useful.

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So, knowing that my family is looking mostly at southwestern Sweden, I found some wonderful folks there closer to our age group willing to chime in their thoughts.

For the moment, this is just a re-sharing of the Expats In Sweden list of customs, and as each topic is posted as a post, I’ll update the list item to be linked to the detailed answers.

People rarely pick up and say hello without giving you any indication of where you have called. Swedes are neurotic about punctuality, agendas and time tables.

Notably, we use a number of stock phrases that are significant for this way of thinking e.g. It is considered very disrespectful to be late both professionally and privately.

In former days white lilies were often sent in conjunction to the note, today however, it has lightened up and if you want to send flowers any kind will do.

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