Dating site keyword search

The page title isn’t displayed on the page itself, but is shown in the search results and in the web browser.

You definitely need to add your the keyword for a page here, but don’t just put the keyword and nothing else. This is a good place to add keywords as you can use them without needing to use them in a catchy or enticing way like with the page title or H1 tag.

If you achieve this then you’ll please both visitors to your site and Google.

this links to a page on this site about SEO for internal links).

Mix up your usage, by sometimes linking up the exact keyword and sometimes linking up a partial sentence that the keyword is in. Image Tag: The html code used to add an image to the page (i.e. This text won’t show up on a page, unless, for some reason, the image itself doesn’t load.

Using your target keyword in its exact form here can look spammy, and can negatively affect the user experience, so normally you’ll have to use a shortened or alternate version of it.

In-Content Link Text: The text that forms the links on your pages that link to other pages on your site (e.g.

If there are multiple images on a page, you can add variations of the keyword to each of them.

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