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Ten years l Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the Good Reads database with this name. George Green was born in Dublin in 1956 and brought up in Tipperary, where he lived in a house built on an ancient burial mound.

Wij willen ons bezighouden met een sociale maar spannende manier van het samenbrengen van mensen met allerlei erotische gevoelens, hoe gek u soms denkt dat het is, er is altijd iemand die dat ook heerlijk zal vinden.

When it comes time to getting a girlfriend, there are five logical steps:1. Oh, right, for the entertainment value, which I find very little of in this book.

The author also lays out some very practical steps for getting the type of relationship you are looking for and increased communication skills.

Recommend this I really liked this book -- full of great information without all the BS.

Actually got me thinking about some things to ask myself before getting back into the dating scene.

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