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, especially for golf, target practice, etc., reduces fear in general 5.

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see and experience the Chi Generators® of your choice and find out from one of our specialists how you can use this exciting new technology to help you achieve manifestation of your deepest desires and positive permanent change!

invented the Orgone Generator® in 1991, i.e., back then I built the first device on this planet that generates Life Force, or Orgone Energy.

and use the larger disk to charge water, food, drinks and supplements anywhere, or simply carry it on yourself to give a continuous boost to your energy levels. See picture to the left.(3) PBT 2400 power booster with transfer couple - see above.

With this accessory, you can add to the power of the Performer Chi Generator®.

All radionics devices from HSCTI have built-in generators of life energy (Chi Generators®)A universal Performance Boosting Chi Generator® in general, which includes 12 pre-set frequency settings, setting for selective frequencies with the help of a frequency meter and an audio input for affirmations coming from the sound card of your PC (sounds of the sofware, for instance) or coming from a CD player or MP3 player.

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