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You know, like when you can somehow feel their energy out there in Cyber-Space, like you actually know them.Back in Chicago, as long as there was an outlet for my computer, I could literally spend the whole day at a coffee shop.Clever conversation at a Coffee Shop is so "real", I mean, you're always so in the moment, all you have to offer is honest expression, somehow that Cool Coffee Shop pulls the "real me" out of me.

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Wu Zimou and Li Hongjian, Insomnia: Its symptom-sign complexes and treatments, Journal of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine 1984 (3): 51-54.

Let me see if I can splice these two themes together in this "Wanderlusting" post, as my mind wanders on a rainy Seattle Saturday night ......

The jujubosides are nearly identical to the active constituents found in Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng), an herb that is traditionally used to support calm and as a general health tonic.

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