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Personally, when I'm dating someone that I'm excited about, I don't go to our mutual friends and imply that our relationship is platonic.If you guys were able to have a talk about being sexually exclusive, you should be able to talk about this growing distance.I made it clear from the beginning that I'm not interested in a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

Would it be terrible if I asked her to find the cat a new home? We have similar sensibilities, keep similar hours, and are equal amounts of messy. He hisses at me at least once a day, he won't let me pet him but he'll sit in the room and just stare at me, and his fur is on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g.

I would live with her forever except for one thing: she has a cat. It's a little bit like living with the ghost of a mean teenage girl, and I hate every minute of it.

I like to imagine my life without Bill Murray (that's the cat's name, which is such a waste of a great name on a terrible animal).

It would just make every single thing .04 percent better.

We spend most of our time at my place, which is basically a post-college frat house and not ideal for either of us.

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