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Jerry and I both felt it would be in Waylon's best interest to go with Chet, who was a godfather of modern country music.

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He first saw Alpert and Hall perform here at Golden Hall in the mid-1970s.“It was wild, all these years later, to suddenly be meeting Herb and Lani, and to be hanging out with them,” Cantos said.“They are truly the most generous, creative people I’ve ever been around.

Jazz and Brazilian music is going so strongly through their veins.

In the 1970s, A&M became the home for artists as varied as Joan Armatrading, The Police, Squeeze, UB40, John Hiatt, Al Green, Janet Jackson, Split Enz, Amy Grant, Soul Asylum and many more."There's only one ingredient I looked for in the artists I signed, and it's honesty," Alpert said.

"That's why I signed The Carpenters, even though that kind of music wasn't my cup of tea.

But when I heard them and met them, and realized that was the music coming out of them, honestly and spontaneously, I realized I needed to sign them."Hit records aside, it was letting an artist go who they had signed to A&M that first led Alpert and Moss to feel like their young record label was succeeding."We were the first to sign Waylon Jennings, back in 1964," Alpert said."Ii produced his first few albums.

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