J lo dating brad cooper

According to scandal sheet TMZ the pair appeared to be having a "romantic" time at the eatery. So what's the lowdown on the A-listers' cosy get together? A source tells the website that there's no fancy footwork going on between the pair. Cooper split from Bridget Jones star Renee Zellwegger back in March after a year of romancing.

And whether CNN should point out he has one.” The Post adds: “Lewandowski’s legally prevented from criticizing Trump, and CNN technically should announce that to viewers ahead of each appearance.

But a CNN rep insisted Cooper’s chilly reception of Lewandowski was ‘not true,’ adding that on Tuesday night, ‘Corey was in fact booked on [Cooper’s show] “AC360” …

, and just in time, too – they claim the duo are actually now letting friends and family in on the news, too.

But don’t be thrown by photos of Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper that have surfaced over time: the couple have actually been filming the movie, , and about a month ago, Zoe Saldana’s publicist denied that Bradley Cooper was her client’s beau.

Clooney goes public with his female wrestler girlfriend.

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