Sex chat id number - Leykis rules of dating

When you’re chastising her, it’s paramount that you sound angry or whiny.If you insult or complain to her, you’ll provoke a defensive reaction and she will resist you.How do you smash through the veneer of confidence that girls possess?

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Leykis rules of dating

For example, one of my exes was a former fat girl who had slimmed down just prior to me meeting her, giving her a complex about gaining weight.

One day, we were walking to a diner for lunch when this happened: GF: I think I’m gonna have the Big-Ass Burger. Think you’re getting a little thick around the middle. Matt: Oh c’mon, at least you’ll be warm in the winter.

The concept is that if you criticize girls for minor mistakes, they’ll be less likely to commit major ones, as their mental energy is expended on dealing with your every complaint.

For example, if you constantly critique the way she dresses, you won’t be arguing with her over whether she should get a tattoo or nose piercing to express her “individuality.” Take this idea and run with it.

If she doesn’t make dinner the way you like it, chastise her.

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