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Notes on this robocopy (a contraction of Robust File Copy), is a command-line directory replication command to mirror directory trees inclusive of all NTFS attributes and properties.It is more reliable because it includes auto-restart in case of network connection disruption.

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This page compares the capacity limitations of Oracle vs. More on Data Types SQL is pronounced either as a sequence of letters "Es-Queue-Ell" or as acronym "Sequel".

Microsoft: Maximum Capacity Specifications for SQL Server Yahoo Computers and Internet Microsoft's T-SQL is compliant with just the Entry Level of the SQL-92 ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard, and not all features of the Intermediate and Full Levels of SQL-92.

SQL Server Profiler, New Trace, Event Deadlock Graph and Lock: Deadlock -- schema locks?

Coarse-grain locks (such as on a whole database or table during schema changes), block locks of smaller granularity on RID (row key), 8KB page, 64KB extents, allocation units, or object (for example, table), and heap or B-tree.

A schema is a logical grouping of database objects based on the user/owner.

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