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Blissfully in love with his new Taiwanese girlfriend, Ann Hong (洪立安), Edison Chen (é™³å† å¸Œ) also hopes that his ex-lovers, Gillian Chung (鍾欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝) will also find love and happiness.

reported that it has been five years since the nude photos of Edison, Gillian and Cecilia had rocked the entertainment world, with each suffering heartbreak and finding love once again.

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[Credits to Little_Purple_Bell] Coming out from Jin Yong's 'Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain', then running into Gu Long's 'Rinsing Flowers and Purifying Swords', Gillian Chung, who includes beauty and martial arts in oneself, appears with her senior, Nicholas Tse, in a TV series for the first time.

Credits to Gill#1Fan A temporary synopsis of Nicholas and Gillian's love story.

From sources, Nicholas Tse's character in the series will be very cool and untalkative, and Gillian Chung's character will be kind and smart while being good and evil at the same time. Gillian's outfits are actually feminine, outlines her womanly curves quite well versus CLS's sloppy raggy pancho that made Gillian appear like a walking blanket, lol. Not only do i hope Gillian's acting improves in here, Nic as well..they're both not really great actors despite their experience. From the pics, Gillian looks better in "Fox Volant", Gillian is getting way more big projects than Charlene....wonder why? Anyways, this is Gu Long..I might not watch it...Yang Rui is a really good actress..big is her role as the princess?

Credit: Little_Purple_Bell @ AF Eeew, what's wrong with the costuming and the hair? Well, these are blurry, low quality photos so it's difficult to measure Gillian's attractiveness. I dont deny they make great eye candy for the series though... Anyways, this is Gu Long..I might not watch it...Yang Rui is a really good actress..big is her role as the princess? I've never read the novel before so im not sure but looking at the cast listing, i think Yang Rui may be the 2nd female lead while QZY is the 2nd male lead.

To let Chu Yee(Gillian) have a happy live, Da Zhong(Nicholas) has decided to set everything down temporarily. The 2007 version has written more about Da Zhong and Chu Yee's romance, and Nicholas Tse and Gillian Chung from Hong Kong have been invited to play those characters.

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