On line dating services scam

They will then create a fake check and send it to you.

You deposit the check and then wire them their portion of the money.

I received an email today sent to [email protected] twoo saying Lewis Dixon has sent me a message, well I can assure you he has not left me a message as he died on 21st November from a sudden heart attack how dare you send messages like this which are quite clearly false...

The Romance Scam is often mentioned in relation to the 419 scam (also referred to as the Nigerian scam).

It would appear that many men like to cheat without revealing they are married. Someone looking to cheat needs to make sure they don’t get caught and posting a crystal clear picture of themselves on an online dating site is a big risk for them.

If a friend of their wife uses the service, which is very real possibility with the popularity of online dating , he’ll be ruined.

You send them $1,000 and good to their word, they send you a check for $50,000 and allow you to keep $10,000 of it. A few days later, your bank informs you that you are now in-debt to them for a sum of all $50,000 (plus you’re out the original $1000 you sent).

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