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Other factors contributed to the rest, including people trespassing on railroad property, people not paying attention to their surroundings, the weather, and distractions from technology like cell phones.

The Seahawks Railroad Stuff: Some readers will recognize AMTK 90250 as an F40PH NPCU - Non-Powered Control Unit.

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In setting his world record Warrawee Needy left in his wake the likes of Heston Blue Chip and A Rocknroll Dance E Dees Cam, Warrawee Needy’s sire was the fastest horse in the US in 2003 rating 1.48.3.

Warrawee Needy’s material side is very strong currently out of a unraced Apache Flame mare called Great Memories who has also left Big Bay Point 1.49 and over half a million in prize money.

27 pedestrians were killed by trains in Washington state in 2015.

About one-third of the deaths were the result of suicide.

This unit began life as AMTK 250: • Built as F40PH (F=full width cab, 40=3,000 hp, P=passenger, H=HEP, "hotel" power, supplying electricity for heat and light to the passenger consist. (You may have picked up on one of Electro Motive Divisions hair pulling inconsistencies.

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