Roanoke online dating

Her basic scam is that she was robbed while in Africa collecting antiques for her new business and she needs money to return back home to the states. She's very attractive (if that's actually her in the photos she's posted) and tries to be very persuasive as well. States she made a mistake on her age in her profile, is really 32 and lives in Ghana. Told her not my computer don't have yahoo messenger. 1st letter 10-25-07, Tells me about herself and all these master degrees she has,but wants to be a hair stylists (giant red flag) also includes pictures.

Her English isn't that good though and she mis-spells a lot of basic words. I have photos to send along as well if you'd like them. I found her on stop-scammers under the name Jessica Michael, from Accra, Ghana Decide to play her game and get all the information on I couuld. Very well written about her idea of a relationship.(looks and sounds like it was copied from a book) 3rd letter 10-28-07, wants to talk to me on phone, wants money for phone card.

Was approached by 2 others same night as Mary (that had a verbatum approach letter of each other) one claiming to be from WA the other from BR Louisiana may still have the one frm WA in my hoverfiles.

James (USA) Report N7 (added on September, 12, 2008) She has instant messaged me for the last couple weeks. I realized what she was when 3 different profiles with her picture came up on this same website. Shawn (USA) Report N8 (added on September, 12, 2008) She is the website above, have had emails and msn with her for a long period,she says she love me deaply..

I have found the real Jonesley Marcus here in the states this weekend and she is deaf. Aaron (Germany) Report N25 (added on March, 16, 2011) This person approached me with a deal to share her inheritance through marriage. Her English was very bad or having a parent born her in the U. She wanted me to send money but told her I was broke and then as we chatted on yahoo messenger I googled her name and voila there was her pics with a list of aliases.

I emailed her the pic posted on babyboomers and she confirmed it is her when she was modeling in college 5 years ago. Since then, she has tried to get me to send her money for her bills, passport, travel visa, lawyer fees, and trael expenses. Michael (USA) Report N30 (added on November, 16, 2011) She said she works in alaska for west constructed company as project manager jr. her mother got sick, had a stroke and needed too got to london too help her mom. stated her mom passed away and needed too get them body to florida to bury her in them same place her father is burried.

6th letter 10-31-07, Gives me same name and address as in letter 3, only this time says emmanuella is her middle name. In 1st letter tells me father died in car accident 2 years ago. Needs money to settle hotel bill so she can fly home to me.

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