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They do missionary work around the world, Their sabbath is friday eve to saturday eve, They don't eat pork or shellfish...they prefer to be 'equally yoked', they don't remarry if they are divorced..I went to one SDA church for a while in my youth and the ones I met were very nice people and I could see they were actually doing their best to practice their beliefs - but I couldn't say that about all SDA's because I haven't met them.

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They are a little elitist - kind of like JW's and you probably wouldn't find one on man I met was on POF which is why I was asking this question.

I was wondering myself why he didnt go to an Adventist dating is divorced more than one time and wants to remarry (I think).

No, because that is a personal choice that an individual makes.

Some Seventh Day Adventist will not drink pop or eat seafood and some will.

I never felt truely a part of their church when I went.

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