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He had tried going to prostitutes, but this had always proved an expensive failure.There were very few prostitutes who were willing to beat him severely, and even they would not consider letting him beat them.He was too embarrassed to explain his problem to anyone but Elmore, his closest and most trusted friend.

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When she said she was frightened of being hurt I pointed out that she had allowed other men to do much weirder things to her. And at last she agreed to go with Andy, but we had to agree that she would not be left alone in a house with him.

The meeting was arranged for a Saturday night in Chris’s flat (the one with the loft with peepholes), Chris being away that weekend. In the early evening Elmore and I let ourselves into the flat and hid in the loft.

This is another tale of my wife Sally and her involvement with her black lover Elmore back in the 1970s.

Although Elmore does not figure much in this story, he was the instigator of what happened. They had been lifelong friends, and worked together for the same Company (making bespoke bras for women).

She immediately said no, there was no way she would get involved; if prostitutes would not help then she was certainly not going to.

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