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"We walked over to the Christmas display to find out he was on break. "I could say a million things, but the one that truly stands out is my better half, my best friend, my partner in crime.We decided to leave at that point, but as we came up the escalator, we saw Santa at the vending machine. It makes me happy knowing that I'm going to spend the rest of my life with him.Finding ourselves completely parched, we found a street vendor selling this glorious drink! I came across this picture while assembling our album and thought it was worth sharing! " "My husband and I were married in October and it was absolutely the most amazing day of my life! "Happy doesn't even begin to explain my emotions on that day.

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It's a quaint little place with the best stuffed French toast and of course Todd Warner says, "I asked two guys shoveling if I could take a picture of their Coke. At the time we were shoveling our 80-something-year-old neighbors out, which lead to a great conversation about neighbors helping neighbors in times of need.

Who knew that taking a picture of a Coke would lead to such a good discussion?

"The contrast of the bright white snow, the red Coke truck and the dull building. Such a happy sight." Jessica Haas says: "Dylan and I started dating right around the time that the #Share ACoke campaign began.

From sharing a Coke with my 'soulmate,' 'better half,' ' BFF,' 'bestie,' to '#1fan' we have collected every Coke can that has had very special meaning to us!

We are hoping to be able to come and visit Atlanta, GA for a tour within the next year!

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