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They usually wait for their victim and once they are all alone the monster attacks and wraps its tendrils all over her body making sure she can’t escape. Just tight sexy pants that girls would normally wear in public.-Tight jeans-Tight pajamas-Leggings-Yoga pants-TNA pants-Exercise pants / shorts Tentacle Rape features lovely ladies being used and abused by tentacle creatures that come from another world.

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he lives in the basement of his parents house, money is tight and times are tough.

so him, his gf, and i are in the basement drinking and smoking.

he loves to throw the fact that he has a gf and i dont in my face.

it really pisses me off cuz i have always though i was more attractive then him but w.e.

Stroking my cock though my jeans i moved on, but not before my eyes locked on hers and she was smiling straight at me as she chatted to her friends....

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