Shannon elizabeth and derek hough dating

Baltimore -- Derek Hough takes one look at the grand piano in the middle of the rehearsal room at the Lyric Opera House and can't resist playing a few riffs.

He smiles at the mirror-lined walls that seem to cry out for him to dance.

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"No," he says, explaining that the show created a story line for them: Meryl became the coach, Maks became the student.

"I've always known this," says Hough, "but (Maks) is incredibly insecure.

She is an incredible woman who kept us on a straight and narrow path."Leading lesson: Lies always hurt.

Julianne told Cosmopolitan magazine last year that she "was abused, mentally, physically" while in London. Says Derek, "I honestly would rather not talk about that. All I can say is we had an incredible experience there, a very positive one."He writes in the book of a moment when Shirley caught him after he had sneaked a cigarette in the bathroom of their home.

But now, he says, it's not an intimate thing, despite what it looks like."I think you might assume that if you're dancing with somebody very close and all over them, and know their body inside and out, that there has to be some sort of sexual, sensual follow-up, but honestly it's not always the case." He says, "I guess it's like acting.

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