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There’s an audience who wants more interesting more atmospheric genre films and that’s really exciting.

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Indie directors reveal the most exciting and depressing aspects of filmmaking in 2016.

There are many paradoxes to being an indie filmmaker in 2016.

Discouraging: In Israel, where I made “One Week and a Day,” the Prime Minster, Bibi Netanyahu is now trying to shut down (before it even opened) a new public TV channel that can bring quality content because he’s afraid of what the channel’s news will report about him.

Felipe Guerrero, “Oscuro animal” Encouraging: The possibility of making films or expressing oneself through images and sounds on the spot is something I find positive, although this has generated an overproduction that doesn’t allow for determining exactly the state of evolution of a language, if indeed there is one.

I am fascinated by the thousands of films on the internet that witness a great diversity of behaviors, shapes of life, and individual emotions.

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