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Imagine you're listening to the radio and a song comes on.

It's a song you haven't heard for a while but it brings back lots of memories of good times or sad times.

Do you have any special memories from a song that was played at a funeral?

Have you chosen the songs or music you want played at your own funeral? Do you ever hear a song on the radio and it brings back memories of a funeral you attended?

Gentle Soul - Cesar Marquez & Juan Del Castillo in memory of Robbie Cormier. The word "Brother" can be substituted with "Mother", "Sister", "Father", etc. This was one of the songs played at my uncle jd's funeral. The Odes Project: New Music From The First Christian Hymnal A friend told me his mother-in-law passed away, and his wife was having a hard time looking for music for the funeral, so I gave him a copy of of The Odes …

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