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While you may be able to persuade them, things could get complicated if they're the ones who have to do the jailbreaking and/or fix any problems that may arise if something goes wrong.

We're fairly confident that it is, but it's surprisingly murky territory, with a lack of test cases to establish the matter definitively one way or the other.

With a jailbroken phone you can install software from a rival to the App Store, and also manually using files downloaded from the internet. i Phones (like all mobile phones) that are sold as part of a contract are often locked to a particular network.

Jailbreakers will work hard to find a way to get round the new safeguards and restrictions that have been placed on the new software.) There are plenty of instructions and resources online that can help you.

Right now the easiest way to jailbreak an i Phone is to install a jailbreaking app such as Pangu on your Mac or PC.

This takes admin-level control of i OS and enables it to install Cydia, the jailbreaking community's alternative to the App Store, which is packed with apps and utilities to help customise your now jailbroken phone.

Whatever you do, make sure you back up your i Phone's data before you start just in case something goes wrong.

Currently, i OS 8.4.1 yesterday released is the latest system for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod touch, new version includes several bug fixes and improvements for Apple Music, while it also blocked the Tai G i OS 8.4 jailbreak by patching several exploits used by the jailbreak tool, but the good news is that Apple not yet stop signing…

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