Updating phone memory contents error dating versus hanging out

Use these basic steps when you see this message: "The i Phone [device name] could not be restored.

An unknown error occurred [error number]." If you still see the error message, find your error below to learn what to do.

Try to contact the source of the music files to verify if the contents are indeed licensed. No joy then today I reset the camera app and that seemed to fix the problem…

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Update to the latest version of i Tunes, then use recovery mode to restore your device to the latest version of i OS.

If you still see an error message, contact Apple Support.

If you emailed us before and you don’t find your question here, don’t worry as we would eventually publish it in the next posts.

Everytime I try to transfer my audio files/music to my SD card it says error and doesn’t allow me to. Are you trying to move DRM-protected music files to your SD card?

Most Windows Phone users will find that the update process runs pretty smoothly, but those that don't can take advantage of a special utility from Microsoft that helps to resolve errors and optimize the phone for updates.

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