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The SOP could be referred to in case of doubts, and if required, could also be produced in courts.

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If he can do the task flawlessly, you’ve done your job. I know I can go on vacation, and the critical jobs will be done without me, and I won’t have stacks of work when I return.” _____________________________ The best way to learn how to create an SOP manual is to see an example.

CLICK HERE to access a PDF of Angie Fuller’s eight-page SOP manual.

This SOP is expected to clear uncertainties on different aspects of consent that exist today.

The SOP on Patients Consent is and will be available free on the website ‘’ to doctors, hospitals, patients, advocates and all others for all times to come.

No person or organization, including the Institute of Medicine & Law or the participating medical societies will have or shall claim any IPR or copyright in the ‘SOP on Patients Consent’.

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