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I haven’t been in contact with my family, and the only way they know what’s going on with me is Page Six.” The last straw for Pops was his daughter’s run-in with a Vegas security guard who barred her re-entry into a club last year.

In a drunken stupor, she famously screamed, “Do you even know who I am, f- – -ing idiot? It led me to a rock bottom, which I’m in now.” The charges were dropped, but the security guard is suing her.

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She recently enrolled in at a university to obtain her Master’s in Psychology.

Gastineau, on the other hand, who has a jewelry line, Tres Glam, with her mother Lisa, has had a more leveled life.

She doesn’t work as hard as someone who establishes themselves from nothing, studying for years in order to have the expertise to create a clothing line or music, but she does work hard at honing her public image.

Courtenay, who famously screamed at a security guard “Do you know who I am? Paris isn’t that attractive, but manages to look pretty good.

No Plastic Surgery Included.” The proposal, which is currently being shopped around, explains that the book is “the coming-to-terms story of two best friends who hit rock bottom and their step-by-step plan of taking their lives into their own hands.” Semel, whose father is Yahoo!

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