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Her absence from the 2016 VMAs is unsurprising, not only because she isn’t up for any Moonmen this year — her "Wildest Dreams" and "Out of the Woods" clips were both eligible — but also because she is at odds once more with West.

As previously reported, Swift fired back at the “Stronger” rapper earlier this summer after his wife, Kim Kardashian, released a recording of a phone call in which the 1989 hitmaker seemingly gave approval to West for his use of her name in “Famous” — a conversation a rep for Swift once denied took place.

Watch the clip of her performance above and see the internet’s reaction to Bey’s performance below.

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If you canceled your wedding a month before the Big Day, ending a long term relationship, losing money, facing friends and family, how would you feel? Black allies and fans who have enjoyed her brand of conscious alternative hip-hop music since her "Becky Done Gun and "Paper Planes" days have to confront the ethics of supporting a fellow person of color who has lately proven she isn't as down with the cause as her social justice-infused oeuvre suggests.

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