Worst cities for dating 2016

You’re right that Alaska does in fact have a lovely surplus of men — we based the list not only on demographics, but also availability of places to socialize, level of education, and some secret sauce.

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Now having some serious doubts, seems most women are either married, getting married, have a “boyfriend” never sure about that one.

So I am very disappointed, if all else fails find another area. Reply Try doing more of whatever it is you like to do — get involved with a meetup group to go bikeriding or help out at a pet shelter or volunteer or whatever floats your boat.

Of course, Barrow, but even in the deep South (Fairbanks, Anchorage, and Juneau) there is a vast surplus of men.

I am grateful for the information as I was considering Dallas, Austin, and Houston for near future relocation. I’m glad I could intervene before you found yourself in steer country.

3 ) Phoenix, AZ Phoenix also has around 40,000 more women than men, and generally speaking, retirement communities aren’t best known for their nightlife.

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